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Healthy Pet Omega (Canine 250ml) 6 PACK

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Healthy Pet Omega™ (Canine) is a high-quality Australian Made & Owned Calamari Oil Multi-Vitamin Nutrition Booster for dogs. With high strength Calamari Omega-3, 6 & 9, balanced EPA and DHA, blended with Vitamins A, C & E and the powerful anti-oxidant Astaxanthin the nutrient rich product is designed to boost your pets health and vitality. We use only 100% natural high-quality Australian Calamari Oil (which has a higher EPA & DHA content than fish oil and krill oil combined. Suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages with our easy to dispense pump top bottle and great tasting natural beef and bacon flavoured food enhancer that dogs love! 

Canine Health Benefits Include;

+ Helps Boost Immune System
+ Reduces Inflammation & Allergies
+ Supports Brain & Eye Function
+ Diminishes Risk of Stroke
+ Promotes Heart Health & Endurance
+ Increases Blow Flow & Aids Circulation
+ Boosts Coat Growth & Shine
+ Reduces Eczema & Skin Allergies
+ Helps Maximise Muscle Performance
+ Improves Joint Mobility & Function
+ Reduces Joint & Muscle Inflammation
+ Promotes Healing & Surgical Recovery
+ Assist in Puppy Brain Development
+ Helps Fight Dementia in Aging Dogs