Why Use Healthy Pet Omega?

'Only the Best'


Healthy Pet Omega is currently the only Omega Pet Oil on the market that is licensed 100% Australian Made and Owned. We carry the true mark of ‘Aussie’ authenticity. We are certified and ‘Genuinely Australian’. Which means we are the best all natural Australian Omega Pet Oil.

Our wild harvested Calamari Oil contains almost 4 x more DHA than the same amount of Fish Oil, and up to 6 x more DHA than Krill Oil which means our products have much higher levels of ‘the good oil’ than many of our competitors.

Our Omega Oil is extracted from Calamari that has been Wild Harvested from Australia’s clean pristine waters where the Calamari grow freely in their natural environment, feeding on pure unpolluted resources. Our natural Calamari Oil is free of GM0s, toxins, additives, preservatives and heavy metals and does not con-tain many of the of common nasty chemicals as our competitors do that use farmed Salmon to produce Salmon Omega Oil for pets where the salmon is kept in far less than ideal natural conditions and are feed a myriad of nasty chemicals that can end up in your pet.

Our Omega Oil Formulation contains the powerful antioxidant Astaxanthin plus Vitamins A & E in order to provide maximum benefits to your pet. We use only the best Natural Algal Astaxanthin as well as Organic Vitamin A and E. This along with our pure Calamari Oil sets us apart from many other omega products currently on the market. These factors combined are why we at Healthy Pet Omega provide ‘only the best for the ones you love…’


'Naturally Australian'


Healthy Pet Omega uses all natural wild harvested sustainable squid which is fished from Australia’s pristine waters and processed for human consumption more commonly know as ‘Calamari’. We are currently the only Omega Pet Oil on the market that is licensed 100% Australian Made and Owned. Our Calamari Oil is sourced from deep Victorian cold waters which means it is rich in Omega-3. It is wild caught using responsible and sustainable dolphin safe methods to ensure it is not only a natural safe product for your beloved pet but a safe for our environment too.

Our pure all natural Omega Oil is only the best quality. At Healthy Pet Omega our oil is molecularly distilled for purity, which means it is free of GMOs, toxins, additives, preservatives and heavy metals. In our proprietary Canine, Feline and Equine Formulations we use only Organic Vitamin (E) derived from non-genetically modified Organic Australian Vegetable Oil. Our natural Vitamin At is a natural component found within Calamari oil we are ‘naturally the best’.

At Healthy Pet Omega we enhance our Omega Oil using all natural flavors giving it a great taste that your pet will love. Our natural beef, fish and cherry flavors are enzymatically extracted from Australian organic in-gredients. Ensuring only the best natural taste for your pet.

Healthy Pet Omega Oil Formulas use only natural algal astaxanthin. Our natural astaxanthin is derived from microalgae, unlike the common synthetic astaxanthin, which is produced from petrochemicals. Synthetic astaxanthin has a different molecular structure and does not have the associated benefits or ‘carotenoid cocktail’ of antioxidants making it inferior to natural algal astaxanthin. More importantly synthetic astaxanthin has not been specifically approved for direct human or pet consumption but is however legal to use in salmon feed. This means if your pet consumes salmon oil your pet will inevitably end up consuming a product that is not currently approved for consumption. This is one of the reasons why Healthy Pet Omega avoids oil from farmed salmon and uses only natural wild caught Calamari oil as the basis of our products.

At Healthy Pet Omega our dedication to creating an all natural pet formulation from all natural ingredients ensures that we provide ‘only the best for the ones you love’.


'Wild vs Domestic'


The problem? ‘Wild’ animal species have evolved successfully through hunting, scavenging and grazing for food. This method provides them with varied diet and as a result extensive nutritional resources. Our beloved domesticated pets such as dogs, cats and horses however, are now consuming packaged foods that are nothing like what they would naturally eat in the wild. Despite our best attempts to provide a healthy balanced diet often the unnatural domestic diet we provide them does not necessarily supply them with the optimum nutritional content they require. As a result we can unknowingly feed them daily, repetitious meals that can in some cases lead to a myriad of health issues. These small nutritional problems can have an accumulative effect possibly making your pet ill and leading to a reduced life expectancy.

The solution? Because your best friend can’t be out hunting and foraging for food in the wild instead include an all-natural marine oil supplement as a part of their daily intake. Adding Healthy Pet Omega Formulation daily enhances and supplements the nutritional content they require and because Healthy Pet Omega Calamari Oil has been formulated specifically to supplement their natural diet it can increase the health, vitality and longevity of your pet.



'Minimal Eco-impact'


At Healthy Pet Omega we use wild harvested Calamari to produce our Pet Oil. Only highly selective and environmentally safe fishing methods are used and monitored sourced from continuously assessed and managed fisheries. We use Calamari that is wild harvested by small hook line vessels, not trawled or harvested by industrial factory ships. This means there is zero damage to other species including Dolphins. Calamari has been certified as sustainable by Friend of the Sea®, is it dolphin and whale safe and has no impact to ocean floor or reefs.

Our Calamari Oil is the sustainable choice for environmentally conscious pet owner, especially when compared to targeting Tuna, and other endangered fish species to extract Omega Oils. Calamari’s biological features combined with their short lifespan and high growth rate ensure Calamari stocks are sustainable. Our Pet Oil Formulations are made only from the trimmings of human food-grade Calamari, which means this nutrient rich source of Omega-3 would otherwise be discarded and go to land fill.

Our Waste to No Waste Policy…

Healthy Pet Omega Pet Oil is made using excess wild harvested sustainable squid which is fished from Australia’s pristine waters, procured for human consumption and marketed as Calamari. During this process the nutrient rich trimmings, which would otherwise be discarded, are acquired by us and processed to produce nutrient rich Omega Oil. 100% of our Calamari used to produce Healthy Pet Omega oil is from recycled food grade trimmings. Our dedication to zero waste extends to us including the process water being recycled into other Oil and Fertilizer product.

Healthy Pet Omega is working towards utilizing and recycling 100% of the food-grade trimmings currently being discarded in Victoria, Australia. Our vision, that we are currently implementing, is for a future of sustainable zero waste processing of Marine Oil.